This site is now out of date, and currently exists here as an archive only.

Mentor Web Blocks is still under development.

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Getting started for content editors


Mentor Web Blocks provides a new unique and intuitive interface called the layout builder. This interface sits within content pages in the back-office and encompasses live editing of page content and blocks.

What is a block?

A block is very similar to a widget.  It represents a segment of the page that is geared towards a specific function.  For example, it could be a contact form, or it could also be a special feature-style block such as an image slider banner.  An editor can set unique properties for each block then simply drag the block many times onto different pages. This gives the editor ultimate flexibility and customisation when creating or editing pages in the web site. Adding functionality to a page is that easy – drag on, drag off!

Layout Builder

The layout / view shown within the editor represents that of the currently chosen template. Dotted outlines represent areas of the page known as containers, which are used to hold blocks within them.

To begin with let's try adding a block. This can be done one of two ways;

  1. either by right clicking in one of the containers then selecting the block from the context menu or…
  2. by dragging a block from the content tree on the left to your container. After adding your block it will be instantly be visible on the page.

Now try editing the block by either double clicking the block on the page or right clicking again. You'll see a popup that shows the block immediately. Please take note that blocks are designed to be re-usable, so if you edit a block here it will be edited site-wide. (NB the WYSIWGY block works a little differently and is specific to that page!)

Finally try deleting the block by right clicking and choosing delete.

As you can see this was all handled within one interface and in real-time without any need for reloading or switching between pages and all with a live instant preview.

Creating a new block

If you've ever used some kind of widget based system within Umbraco before then you'll feel right at home with this. Creating a block is as simple as right clicking on a blocks folder and selecting the block type you wish to create. Simply enter the data for the block, save it and then add it to your page(s).

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