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Mentor Document Library Tree

mentor_docLibraryThis is a useful block to graphically display a specific folder in your media library. The block uses a clear look with icons and animations allowing users to browse through files within your site.  Keen developers can extend the code to display different image icon for different file types.



To add this block to your content tree you must include "Mentor_Document Library Tree Block" as an allowed child nodetype of the Blocks Folder document type.

This package contains the Mentor_DocumentLibraryTreeBlock.css, Mentor_jstree.js and Mentor_fileicons files and directories for styling and functionality. You can either take the code from these files and append it to your own css and javascript or you can include the file in your global / master template.

These files are located at:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/css/Mentor_DocumentLibraryTreeBlock.css"/> 

<script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/Mentor_jstree.js"></script>

/images/Mentor_fileicons directory

If you have not appended this code to a file already included in WebBlocksBackendScriptIncludes.cshtml then you must include this file in your WebBlocksBackendScriptIncludes.cshtml to enable your block to render correctly in the back-end.

WebBlocksBackendScriptIncludes.cshtml can be found in the scripting files folder in the developer section of Umbraco

Block info


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